quality parchment products, since 2006
  • tamale parchment paper wrap; smooth sheet, yellow, square, 9 in X 9 in; case of 1,000


    Parchment paper for outer wrap of tamales, around the corn husk.

    Real natural vegetable parchment, 60 grams/m2, in yellow.

    non-coated, non-textured (NOTE: not a substitute for the corn husk, wraps around the corn husk)

    Tamales can be cooked in this paper wrapping. Sheets measure 9 x 9 inches; one package of 1,000 sheets.

    please note: the minimum order is one case of 1000 sheets, we cannot supply fewer- please do not request fewer.

    shipping notice: at present the shipping calculator by Godaddy will only calculate USPS rates- but we will ship UPS.